Believing for faith in hard times…

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The greater is yet to come…

Yet do you think that’s true?

As children, we are taught to believe the unseen, the imaginary, the fiction. Yet we succumb to the limelight of adulthood as we grow older. The beliefs of the impossible fade with numerous failures and doubts take surface in our thinking.

Yet I ask you this question today.

What if you could be more?

See bigger, aspire bigger, know greater. Expand your possibilities to the endlessness of the God given capacities in you.

You don’t have to be a big person to do it. To dream it takes courage. To envision it takes insight. So where is all this leading to?

I remember writing a blog about dreaming and yet forgetting that we are not always in the same situation.

Some are suffering depression, heartbreak or even the loss of a loved one. It may seem utterly impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the greater is yet to come.

Keep your head up high and your eyes focused on the prize set before you. Run the race with fervour and don’t depend on what you know. Because,in truth, you cannot predict the future. Though your life is predestined you will never know your true purpose unless that leap of faith is taken.

Breathe in the gifts of understanding that the Lord has placed in you and breathe out the things of this world. They are not as valuable as who you are.

You. Are. More.


Hebrews 12:7

Hebrews 12:1


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