Learning how to seek God in hard places

God listens to the cry of our hearts but do we listen to him?

I’ve seen Him work in miraculous ways in my life. Although it seems like a clichĂ© ; His grace is never ending. If we delve deep into His love we are able to see that.

Understand that God isn’t limited to our capacity. His love is never ending and His grace goes beyond who we are. If we are able to see His hand in everything, we would worry less. He says in scripture that we should not fear.

The key to not fear is to not trust ourselves. Sometimes we feel as if we have the answers. But in truth, they are nonexistent without Him. The solutions we find are only temporary but His grace is eternal. I spoke once about His grace and realised that I needed to stop looking at other people and start looking at Him.
It’s easy to look around but looking up brings forth much more grace. Look up to the Messiah today.
He cares more than you care about your own situation❀

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