People seem to be rushing around. Worrying within themselves. Trying hard to fit in. Is the skirt too big, are the shorts too small? There is always that worry. Sneaking up in the dead of night, it can even come with studies.

It tags along with every move you make and alters the way you think. What if you could be more than that? There was a greater you. A stronger you. Someone that decidedly took the initiative to grow out of despair ; all the worries of this world.

Take no thought!

All the insecurity comes from ourselves. We try so hard sometimes don’t we?

There is peace available for you. You don’t realise it but it comes with every stride of faith you place within the Lord God almighty. He restores you, reassures you and reminds you that all will fall into place.

It’s easy to get caught up in the things of this world at large. But what if we could focus on the little things God is doing for us? The beautiful glories that await us when we delve into His presence and find restoration and peace. We can never lose heart with Him by our sides. He sends seasons of peace so that we can yield crops of praise.


Biblical support

Romans 8:28 and Matthew 6:25-30

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